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Muggsy Bogues T-shirt

At 5’3”, all Muggsy Bogues needed to do to break the league record was step on the court, but during a fourteen-year pro career he ended up smashing conventional wisdom to pieces. In over 25000 minutes on the floor, he racked up 6726 assists, 1369 steals and even 39 blocked shots. But for every kid who ever wished he was a little bit taller, the numbers were secondary. Muggsy was the living, dribbling embodiment of the idea that anything is possible. His unforgettable style—high speed misdirection, fearless drives, and harassing defense—made perfectly clear how he did it: hard work and an unbridled joy for the game. In 1989, the summer after his first year in Charlotte, Muggsy opened the doors to his first basketball clinic and over twenty years later the camp is still thriving and spreading his credo: “Who Says You’re too Small 2 Ball”.

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